Chorus Grant – Vernacular Music

Chorus Grant is the moniker of danish singer/songwriter and guitarist Kristian Finne Kristensen. And he released his new album on TAMBOURHINOCEROS some days ago. His first one ‘Space’ was loved very much by the critics.

Between the edges of Indiepop, chamber music, classical and post-rock parts Chorus Grant serve songs that are both lightweight and melancholic. The second track ‘Lives’ is an example for this:

Chorus Grant - Lives

Going more in a classic songwriting direction is ‘No Word for the Word’: With its silent sounds and chorus parts and it matches the days when it’s raining outside and it gets darker earlier every day.

Chorus Grant - No Word for the Word

More Highlights are the wonderful ‘Give it a name’, ‘Eudamonia’, ‘Words Like Soon’ with its gorgeous guitar parts and the quirky instrumental ‘Chamber One’:

Chorus Grant - Chamber One

‘Vernacular Music’ is not an album for the masses, not for the charts. But for music lovers who appreciate music from the heart.

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Photo: Jacob Aars

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Another hidden gem from Denmark: ‘Vernacular Music’ is full of musical discoveries. Silent piano sounds, acoustic guitars, post-rock sounds and the voice of Kristian Finne Kristensen, that is sometimes used as an instrument makes the album very versatile.