Best of 2018 – Album

7 Days in Alaska – Dancing with ghosts

7 Days In Alaska - Cloud 9

A very good produced debut album of the guys from Norway with smashing guitars and strong melodies.

Aurora – Infections of a different kind (step 1)

AURORA - Queendom (Official Video)

What can you say about AURORA? Nothing – you have to take a look and listen and you understand what is so special about her.

Fluru – Where the wild things grow

Fluru - Where The Wild Things Grow (Acoustic Session)

A strong debut album from the swedish country band with perfect vocal harmonies and a crisp production.

Haggren Gravlund – Horseman Pass By

Haggren Gravlund - The Wild Swans At Coole

A folk-album that is timeless of the two dudes from Sweden.

Jarle Skavhellen – The ghost in you

Jarle Skavhellen - The Ghost in Your Smile (Official Music Video)

From Bergen, Norway is Jarle hailing with his debut folk-album that is matching the landscape so well.

Mani Orrasson – I woke up waiting

The very young icelandic singer with a sophisticated independent album that pushes you into the emotional world of Mani.

Martin Baltser – The wasteland incident

Martin Baltser - Call Me Wild (Official human stop motion Music Video)

Live and on his records Martin delivers a super-strong debut album with clicks and sounds and his floating voice over the instumentation. Great!

MO – Forever Neverland

MØ, Diplo - Sun In Our Eyes (Official Video)

Danish MØ is some kind of indie-superstar already but her new album is bringing indie- and charts-pop altogether with those heartbreaking melodies.

Orions Belte – Mint

Orions Belte - Joe Frazier (live video)

Blues-Krautrock from Bergen on a high level that is live even more intriguing. The mostly voice-less album is a perfect candidate for listening while working.

Peter Kvint – Still life

Seasons In You (Radio Edit)

Although Peter has written and produced a remarkable number of hits he decided this year to do his first solo-album. And it is just gorgeous for everyone who loves good melodies and music from the heart.