Antipole – Getting frequent now (Album)

Antipole is a darkwave-/post-duo from Norway consisting of Karl and Christel. They have released their album “Getting frequent now” some weeks ago.

Their music is a cool dreamy, hypnotic mixture from electronic and guitar-driven sounds which reminds us of Phillip Boa and the Voodooclub in their best days – and this is a very high level since Boa is THE Indie-god in Germany. It is the guitars and the vocals that have somesimilarities (for instance in the song “La Vie Après”).

The first track Deco Blue (feat. Mats Davidson) is a good single-choice and more pop-style and a good opener, whereas “Someday 45” and “Distant Fall” as mostly instrumental tracks bring in more of the dark side.

With “Ephemeral” we are reminded of good old Goth-days we had in concerts with ASP or Apoptygma Berzerk and it has some vibes of Frontline Assembly in it.
On the soundwise contraty side we have “All alone”, that is an almost analogue track with less electronics in it – but strong guitar-lines.
“Le Châtelet” goes back with eletronic beats and a very minimalistic sound to thriving, hypnotic sounds, whereas the last song “Narcissus” a perfect example for that is what we call in Germany “Schrammelpop”.

The songs are written by Karl Morten Dahl in collaboration with Paris Alexander.
Paris Alexander produced the album and sings on all songs except Deco Blue (Mats Davidsen).

Fans of the darker tones will like this album very much with his hypnotic sounds and the mixture of electronics and guitars.

A good debut and we hope to hear more from Antipole.

Our overall rating: 5/6.

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