Anna Ternheim – About ‘A space for lost time’ and more

Swedish singer-/songwriter Anna Ternheim has constantly delivered great and unique albums since the year 2004.

There she had her breakthrough with her debut album “Somebody Outside” and it contained songs that should set a trademark for her sound: “To Be Gone” is one of the most recognizeable songs from the 2000s in the northern music world and sails onthe edge between pop, folk and jazz.

My Secret” is yet more silent and calm and shows the magic of Anna’s vocal world. With the cover version of Broder Daniel’s biggest hit “Shoreline” she sets the mark for upcoming cover-versions: The indie-guitar-smasher is turned into a so much more sad and melancholic piano piece – a talent that Anna is capable of: Making cover songs into her own songs, not just “versions” of a song.

Anna Ternheim - Shoreline (Live @ Tack för musiken)

Now she is about to release her ninth (counting the live-album) album “A space for lost time” and we had the chance to talk to her about the process of making it.

Anna Ternheim You Belong With Me (official Video)

Can you tell us something about the making process of the new album?
It was difficult in its own way. This time the writing process was not heavy. I have written with Björn Yttling from Peter Björn and John and he has covered the right vibe in many songs in it. I am happy with the outcome.

How did the connection to PBJ come up?
I met Björn in the 2000s before their breakthrough. I went around with my demos, playing them and talking about them. We always had a good vibe around.

And the recording of ‘A space for lost time’?
The recording was difficult, it took longer than I thought. The first part was recorded in LA – most of it. It is a team work, a friendly great athmopshere with good people.
But the outcome was… just not the way I wanted.

So after a pause she went back to Stockholm to meet with her long-time studio-friend Andreas Dahlbäck, to try a new turn on the songs.

“Andreas Dahlbäck a force of nature in the studio. We stripped down the songs. You have to follow the nature of the songs, that there is room for melodies.”

And then there is the dynamics on an album…
“Ten songs equal listening too is not easy. You need the fast ones and slow ones.”

Anna Ternheim - This Is The One ( Official Video)

About the upcoming tour: What can we expect?
I have a new band with me so the dynamics will be different.
Anna tells, that there will be a mixture of old and new songs on the tour, some of them played in different version to keep them fresh and interesting.

As a fan of Nordic Noir-series, Anna’s song “Quiet Night” has been used as the title melody in the second season of Wallander. How came that up?
The Fleshquartet was doing the soundtrack and they wanted something with vocals. So they asked me to sing it and write it. That has been fun and some kind of different.

Speaking of inspirations and music – What songs are you listening to at the moment?
Thom Yorke with the Suspiria-Soundtrack. And Billie Eilish And in generall all kinds of things and styles. If the song speaks to me, I will listen to it. You just want to keep it interesting and let your ears experience new things.

So it looks that you are set up for the upcoming tour presenting new music…
“I am fortunate to find something meaningful to work.”, Anna tells us.

The new Anna Ternheim album “A space for lost time” is released today (September, 20th).

The german tour dates:

2019-10-31 BERLIN Kesselhaus
2019-11-01 LEIPZIG Felsenkeller
2019-11-02 DRESDEN Scheune
2019-11-04 ERLANGEN E Werk
2019-11-05 VIENNA Das Haus der Musik
2019-11-06 MUNICH Technikum
2019-11-07 LYSS KUFA
2019-11-08 ST. GALLEN Kugl
2019-11-10 ZUERICH Kaufluten
2019-11-11 FRANKFURT Batschkapp
2019-11-12 STUTTGART Im Wizemann

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