Minor Majority – Napkin Poetry

Back in the days when we started to listen to norwegian radio and discovered music from The Real Ones, Kurt Nilsen or William Hut, Minor Majority were also around. The indie-pop band from Oslo gave us classics like Supergirl and She gave me away some years ago. Then they went on a hiatus. Now they are back with a new record – and they sound like the never were away. Grounded on the warm voice of Pål Angelskår the new album has created their own sound universe and write indie-pop pearl that are timeless – again.

The first album since years starts with Lucy, a song that instantly reminds of the previous albums and sets the way for the whole album with the mid-tempo arrangement, acoustic guitars and those perfect melodies. Although the massive use of strings is a bit unusal for the band.

When they get classy with Can’t think of a reason with layered electronic guitars they show that they still have that special vibe.

Forgive me is a duet with Marie Munroe and could easily fit on one of the old albums. Those melodies are gorgeous and I can’t think that indiepop can sound better than that.

With How to fall Minor Majority deliver a solid 8 minutes track that never gets boring, Traveling light is another highlight – it is an fantastic piano-driven ballad.

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Minor Majority deliver THE perfect comeback album. Napkin Poetry has everything that made the band special back in the days and has a plenty of instant classic songs on it.