Maximilian – Letters

22-year-old Maximilian is a promising rising star from Copenhagen in Denmark who set a mark with his last year’s smasher ‘Beautiful scars‘ which is about to hit the 50 million views in youtube, more than 95 million streams on Spotify, a No-1-hit in the Philippines and a Triple-Platinum certification.

Now he returns with an intimate massive ballad: ‘Letters is a song i wrote for my best friend.’ Maximilian says. And explains: ‘We all got good friends but there is only one true best friend. Right now, and most likely for many years to come, I can’t be with my best friend. He’s far away – gone – and I miss him. We used to hang out all the time and I know I’ll see him again someday but for now we only got the letters we write for each other. ‘Letters’ is about the importance of telling the persons you care the most about in life what they truly mean to you before it’s too late.’

Musically ‘Letters’ is a perfectly written ballad where the melody with the so-good chorus is driven by acoustic guitar chords. And it is so intense it doesn’t need to get loud in the end. – One of our absolute favorites this year!

Maximillian - Letters

And that’s not all, Maximilians debut-album ‘Too Young’ is set for a release on October 29th 2021.

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Photo: by Petra Kleis