Marte Eberson – Bad Day

Marte Eberson has been around in the norwegian msuic scene quite a while now and she has set her footprints while being a member of Highasakite, in the Jazz Ensemble Morning Has Occured or now at LÖV together with “The Voice”-winner Martin Halla.

‘Bad Day’ is the second song with pushing on her solo career since the debut album ‘Mad Boy’ in 20016 and it is about exactly what the title says:

‘I have both good and bad days, like most people. Sometimes things may feel heavy, but then I have to try to remind myself of what´s been good and find peace in the fact that it´s always come good days again. When I wrote the song, I was picturing myself wandering around the city. Struggling with my own, deep and heavy thoughts while seemingly doing fine. I created the bassline with the intention of being repetative and steady – perfect accompaniment for walking. The bass always brings the song forward, with an optimism to it, while the lyrics is depicting the contrary’ Marte Eberson says.

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