East of my youth – Debut EP and “Stronger”-Video

“East of my youth” is an electro pop duo from Reykjavik, Iceland and consists of Thelma Marín Jónsdottir and Herdís Stefánsdóttir. With their slow and melodic songs they have played the Iceland Airwaves festival last year and the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival this year.

Each track on the EP – which is out today – is different, yet there is a common overall “mood” or “style” in it.
The first track “Words” is a slightly R’n’B-styled typical icelandic electro ballad: you can definitely “hear” the nature and landscape of Iceland in it.
“Sirens” is more upbeat and radio-friendly with the warm analogue bass sounds.
“Mother” – which has been a single before – is a classic electropop song with warm harmonizing chords.
“Only lover” is another ballad, which brings in 8-bit-sounds.
“Stronger” is a slow, athmospheric and so sweet ballad – watch the video below. One of the most fragile songs we have heard for a while – and sooooo icelandic. Great!!
Finally “You are the one” with the harp sounds is a more upbeat finisher for the EP with the good harmonizing voices of both.

Overall “East of my youth” deliver a very strong debut EP – and we are already fans.

Have a listen to the EP on Spotify:

East of my youth on facebook, twitter.

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