Mono Mind – Mind Control

Per Gessle is always on the run for something new and unexpected. Just when you think about the fact that the man turned just 60 years old and was on a Per Gessle’s Roxette Tour with new intepretations of the good old Roxette stuff. But with his swedish albums and Gyllene Tider he already had two more working fields.

And then he unveils that he had done an almost dance/electronic album – together with long-time singer Helena Josefsson – in a Gorillaz-style with a virtual band and virtual characters. For sure no one does expect him to reinvent dance music but he has done a nice mixture of his strong songwriting skills in a far more electronic soundscape that we’ve heard before. No wonder that this album went straight to number 1 on the swedish iTunes charts.

It is a lightweight album you can listen to very well, although we miss a little more deep emotions or sounds. For our taste the vocoder is a little bit overused – but that’s the concept of this recording, so…

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More about Mono Mind on the Roxette facebook page.

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A good one from Mr. G., although we like his country-esque songs a little bite more. On some songs Helena is the saver with her perfect singing.