OBEY//OKAY – Sex, Drugs & Post Malone (EP)

OBEY//OKAY is a new rock/electronica/cyberpunk band based in Oslo, Norway. The band is created by Johan Larsson (guitar, vocals, songwriter) and consists of the two other members Simen Stensland (keys, vocals) and Eiliv Sagrusten (drums).

Johan Larsson is known as songwriter, guitarist and producer of OnklP & De Fjerne Slektningene with Styggen På Ryggen-fame.

They had their release concert of the debut-EP “Sex, Drugs & Post Malone” on the 2nd of March in Gamla venue in Oslo with big success.

The style on their debut EP is very versatile, ranging from the electro-rock-bangers Take the night off and Won’t be the last time (with The New and Improved Jesus Christ), the electronical Naked with me (with BANGS on the vocals) to the dark guitar-song Gimme some.

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A rocking, versatile and very promising debut of a band that knows how to do it – reminds us sometimes of the good Zeromancer-days.