Fred Well about his new song “More than a maybe” and future plans

A new song of one of Bergen’s most promising musical exports, who had a good start on last years Vill Vill Vest festival: Fred Well, whose real name is Fredrik Brurås, has done it again with “More than a maybe” – a super-smooth RnB-track with vocals, that fit so well and float around the sounds like they were an instrument.

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While the beat with the organ brings back a slight 90s-feeling, there are a plenty of sounds to discover. And that deep, wobbling bassline -great stuff!

The best song ideas are those, that come out of itself: “I remember the day quite clearly as it was a Sunday and we were all very hungover. Originally, the plan was to do a mix for a different song, but our heads felt like exploding and we started playing on something different just for fun. After an hour we had composed a brand new song and we were thrilled to have accomplished this piece without even a thought in mind of doing so.“

Regarding the lryics, Fred tells: “I think almost everyone can relate to the lyrics, whether it’s love, work or small stuff in your everyday life.”

About more new songs, inspirations and Bergen Fred was so kind to answer some questions:

How do you feel about that warm and welcoming response for your starting career as an solo artist?
It’s amazing and greatly appreciated! Did not expect it at all. I’ve just started as a solo artist and feel very excited for the future.

So when the third single is out nuw, how about an EP – is there something in the making?
The EP is pretty much done and I’m very pleased about it.

What are your latest inspirations for creating your sound with that mixture of Pop, RnB, soul,…
I listen to a lot of different music. It’s easy to get inspired with all the fantastic artists out there.
In my favourite playlist right now I have Majid Jordan, Imagine Dragons, Sigrid, Timberlake, Kendrick, Fieh, Logic, The Weeknd, and Dua Lipa – just to mention some.

Your gig at the Vill Vill Vest festival last year were one of our definitive highlights to see. Will see more songs from that gig a release?
Yes! We played “More than a Maybe” on that gig and it’s still my favourite in the set and the rest, well, future will tell:)

The hottest place for you to be in Bergen is..?
Lysverket. This is the place you want to go to if you’re in Bergen. The food, the atmosphere, THE DRINKS, it’s just perfect.

And what is the crudest thing that happened to you on stage so far?
I’m kind of clumsy on stage, so I stumble a lot. But I have not had a fall, yet but if I do, I guess it will be a good show for the audience to remember ;)

More from Fred Well: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Photo by Bent Rene Synnevåg.

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