This was Vill Vill Vest 2017: New upcoming artists, favourites and great gigs

The Vill Vill Vest Festival, which took place from September 28th til September 30th in the lovely city of Bergen, is a perfect showcase for the lively music scene in Norway. Not only a bunch of new music acts have to be explored but several established acts played at the musically widespread festival which took place in about 12 locations in the city centre. Additionally filled up with a full packed program of conferences during the daytime around Music Marketing, Design, Social Media and Management this leads to intense days in a city surrounded by beautiful nature.

Here is the welovenordic’s list of our artists to watch out for:


HALIE was THE breakthru artist this year with her first gigs – and it is clear why: With just 16 years she worked with big songwriters, has an impressive voice and the right attitude for the stage. We can expect very much good pop music from her in the future, literally every song she performed was a killer.

HALIE — "Echo" (Audio)

Misty Coast

When members of a highly critics-acclaimed band like The Megaphonic Thrift create a side project, you have to listen up. Richard and Linn created their own soundspace with the borders of psychedelic rock, classic rock, noise and pop elements. Very creative and very catchy, their beautiful debut album has just been released and is one of the best albums in 2017 we’ve heard.


Fanny Andersen

That Fanny is on the way up, was clear at least since she put out her smasher “Kids” last year. With her powerful stage presence and show she delivers the proof of this. Watch out for her in the charts in the time, because she has very good songs in her pocket.

Fanny Andersen - "Not A Toy" (Official Video)

Young Dreams

The band around singer and producer Matias Tellez delivered a wonderful 60s-beach sound flavoured album in 2013 – and now they are back with irresistable groovy, modern sounds and floating melodies. No wonder that their concert was one of the most visited on the festival.

Young Dreams - Of The City

Real Ones

Since their fabulous song Every dog has it’s day around the year 2008 we are fans of the folk-rock guys from Real Ones. The did several good albums and cover-versions like “Call your girlfriend” of swedish electro-princess Robyn. Live they are even better than on tape – bringing a good energy with their banjo and violin.

Separation Blues - Real Ones

Silja Sol

We didn’t expect to see Silja Sol live this year – the woman with the great attitude and the special quirkyness in her songs. Her sound is totally indie, her texts in norwegian too (singing about Trees or Animals) – yet she mixes it with those melodies that no one can resist. The live version of her killer-song “Dyrene” alone was worth the whole trip to this festival!

Silja Sol - Dyrene

Jarle Skavhellen

We got to now from Jarle Skavhellen shortly before the festival because of the video for his song The ghost in your smile. A good combination from real-life video filmed in the woods and fine animation design. Live it was one those special moment, when you don’t know too much about an artist and he bloews you away with his sound. The slow, folky basic sound with his singer-/songwriter texts – reduced and yet not simple creates a special sound that show big potential. Definitely an upcoming artist.

Jarle Skavhellen - The Ghost in Your Smile (Official Music Video)

Fred Well

Fred Well has been around the scene some while with his rock-band “The Well”. After going solo he follows the path of RnB-based pop with a top-notch production. While he has only one sound out, the other songs we’re as strong too. One of the “Next big things” coming from Bergen.

Fred Well - "Complicated" (Lyric Video)


Well, there is not much to new say about this band, that achieved a status that fills big venues all over the world and still got their quirkyness. KMF have a new album called “Hus” out and are still rockin’ the scene from the top.

Kakkmaddafakka - Neighbourhood (Official Music Video)

Strange Hellos

Last year they were one of the newcomers on the festival, today they played at the final party. Consisting of extremely good musicians and producers, Strange Hellos make a laid-back shoegaze-sound for the beach with a sense for good melodies and many little details in their songs.

Strange Hellos - Monumental

Lars Vaular

For sure one of the most respected rappers in Norway, Vaular knows how to catch the masses. As long as Hip-Hop is not our main genre – it says eversything that we write about him. Cool rhymes, massive beats and a unique stage presence – nizze!

Lars Vaular Håret e tebake (Offisiell musikkvideo)

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