Fluru – Where the wild things grow (Album)

Where the wild things grow is an album that we didn’t expect. Sometimes it happens that we get the hands on a debut album that blows us away – to say that before everything else. But let’s start from the beginning:

In a landscape with forest, blue lagoons and mountains around the small village Hammarstrand in Sweden resides the young band Fluru. This sets a basic setting for honest music, that Fluru with the first lines of their debut album prove: Layered a-capella voices start “In a million ways”, with a good production and nice melodies set the mark for the whole album.

Fluru - In A Million Ways (Acoustic Session)

With the title track Where the wild things grow they do this in perfection. Although this song is outstanding in many ways: The howling steel guitar, the detailed arrangement and the perfect melodies deliver a good set for the voice for Malin, who does a fantastic job here. The sound has its roots in the classic country segment but with a crystal clear production and elements from Americana and Blues – definitely our highlight of the album.

Fluru - Where The Wild Things Grow (Acoustic Session)

With further songs like Run, Lay our body down or Silver Line they prove their strength in mid-tempo country-ballads and for strong melodies.

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The band, that consists since 2014, will be in tour in Germany in 2019.

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2019 is the year of great debut albums – and Fluru are no exception here with their thriving country-sound from Sweden. Where the wild things grow is an album that will last in rotation for a long time and sets a high mark for following releases.