David Keenan – A Beginners Guide to Bravery

When we heard the first clocks of David Keenan we instantly knew that he will be big in a while. Some artists have that uniqueness in their work that will break into the mass media sooner or later.

The lad from Ireland starts with the folk-song ‚James Dean‘, sparely instrumented with just his acoustic guitar – creating a intense atmosphere, reminding sometimes of Damien Rice. Not the voice tho, there he is up with his unique soulful style.

David Keenan - James Dean

Wit ‚Unholy Ghosts‘ – and with the full band – he brings in more irish vibes with the violin and structure of the song: You can image him playing that song in an Irish pub – what a perfect match.

David Keenan - Unholy Ghosts (Lyric Video)

With ‚Altar Wine‘ he comes to serious stuff with intense vocals.

David Keenan - Altar Wine

In ‚Love is a snug‘ he is going from silent to loud, ‚Good Old Days‘, another favorite of us, reminds us with its elements a little bit of Glen Hansard.

„I’ve always understood that music, language, prose and poetry transcend modernity or any kind of time,” says David Keenan. “I don’t attach myself to this period, or any past, present or future. Through the relationship with art and language I grew closer to my true self.”
This sounds very mature for a young musician and his debut album – but it reflects his mindset very well.

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The year 2020 is just a few days old and we have massive debut-album here. David Keenan pulls you into his musical world and it is a wrap.