Waaktaar – Manmade lake


Abandoned most-successfull norwegian popband a-ha’s main songwriter Paul Waaktaar is back with the first new material since 4 years: “Manmade lake” is the name of thefirst track of his new project simply called “Waaktaar”. So it is not another new “Savoy”-project. The song itself is a typical Paul composition, with some touches of “Whalebone” in it. Strong melodies as always, Paul-typical guitar-playing and that melancholic feeling all over. A perfect winter-track – although it is written some years ago: in an early tracklisting for the last a-ha album “Foot on the mountain” it was listed but was sorted out for the release.

Let’s wait when a full Waaktaar-album will follow – the interest in “Manmade lake” was so big, it made the a-ha.com website go slow for hours… And by the way: On soundcloud the track is FREE TO DOWNLOAD.

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facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Waaktaar/196886270385137

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