Vilnes – A Million Smiles

Indie-pop singer Vilnes from Bergen, Norway has a grooving new track out, ‘A Million Smiles’. And this good song makes us indeed smile with it’s positivity and good vibe.

An album is scheduled to be releaes later this year.

This year has been different. I have hardly seen my audience, and I miss the gigs and the sheer energy of it all. I hope that this song will be an “icebreaker”. I am here right now, ready to meet old and new friends.

Eivind Vilnes

The album has already be recorded and was about to be released but then came.. well, the last year and all it’s special situations.

The song was recorded and produced by Yngve L. Sætre in Duper Studios in Bergen, Norway. and released by Lekrofon.

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Photo credit: Gunnbjorg Gunnarsdottir