Seinabo Sey – I’m Just Mad (Bitch)

Seinabo Sey is just pure talent: She owns 4 Swedish Grammys, her debut album ‘Pretend’ got Gold-status in Sweden, her hit ‘Younger’ brought commercial success for both her and then-upcoming norwegian producer KYGO, her music is featured in many TV-Shows and Series – like in the great ‘100 Code’ with Mikael Nyqvist.

Now she has released her new E.P. ‘Sweet Life’ that contains the song ‘I’m Just Mad (Bitch)’ – and she delivers a high-class video for it with Nim Kyoung Ran directing it and featuring actor Gustaf Skarsgård.

“It is my absolute honor to have worked with Gustaf and Nim on this project. I’ve admired Gustaf for many years and I’m so greatful that he choose to be my counterpart in this video. Much love to Nim for her passion and work ethic. We welcome you to a tale of love and loss, I hope that you can find some peace and remember that there’s always a smile at the end” – says Seinabo Sey.

And Actor Gustaf Skarsgård says: “The collaboration with Seinabo was truly amazing as she’s so real, from the inside out. There’s of course a big difference between a music video and a film, the short format can be challenging when capturing a specific vibe, feeling or story, Nim truly mastered that and came very well prepared“

Seinabo Sey - I’m Just Mad (Bitch)

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Photo credit: Senay Berhe