Real Ones – Hey Junior

“Coolness factor 8.000” – Bergen’s folk rock/pop band “Real Ones” return with a modern sounding masterpiece “Hey Junior”.

Since very old days we got in touch with music of the Real Ones – starting with “Every dog has it’s day” back in 2008.
And we liked it very much with it’s folky and earthy sound. It was not about Bergen, just about the song – we didn’t know the band is from there though.

Since then they released several albums and did some fine covers like Robyn’s “Call your girlfriend” (together with Jonas Alaska) or lately Sigrid’s “Don’t kill my vibe“.

Now there is a slight change of sounds but not in quality of music: Working with producers Matias Tellez (Young Dreams) and Fredrik Vogsborg they are going more digital. Driven by a four-to-the-floor beat the changed instrumentation leaves space for the vocals, clean as ever. This is one of the good things about Real Ones – you recognize them very fast. This is really a TUNE!

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