Morten Abel – Andre Goe Daga

Moren Abel is around in the norwegian music scene since the early 80s – and he has been able to excite and surprise his fans since then. Especially on his live concerts you can experience his very own style. After albums in english he is going to release three in norwegian language now – the second in this row is called “Evig din” and will be released on March, 2nd. On his last one he collaborated with Folk-singer Odd Nordstoga, which had an impact on his sound – it was way more acoustic and analogue driven.
This is a personal matter, but we like Morten’s playing with sounds and twirls and things like that the most and “Andre Goe Daga” has all this. What you can always expect from him is this special sense for melodies to die for – which this song also has.

No doubt: One of our favorites for 2018 and the year has just started…!

Morten Abel - Andre goe daga (offisiell video)

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