Mattis – Enough Of My Love

Danish singer has a new catchy song: ‘Enough of my love’. We wrote about the singer some while ago with his massive song ‘Loverboy‘. Since then he has opened up to do a little more pop music with less soul elements. So ‘Enough of my love’ is a perfectly produced, shaking pop-gem!

As he writes: ‘Had a fun time and a few laughs showing off my dance moves – The song is about showing your love to the one(s) you love. Something that I have always had difficult time doing but fortunately have become better at with time, That also includes just singing about it, which makes this newest release a nerve wracking but also huge new step for me take and I’m super proud of it 💪🏼
Written together with my friends Karl-Frederik Lasse and Drew Sycamore . Additional prod and instruments by Thomas Drachmann and Elias Danielsen aka. Eli. Video by Alexander A. Kaiser Lauritzen’

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Photo: facebook