Madrugada – Nobody Loves You Like I Do

They are really back! After splitting up in 2007 and ‘Halflife’ – a song for the movie ‘Amundsen’ – this is the first proper release since 13 years for the alt-rock-band from Norway that brought is classics like ‘Majesty‘, ‘What’s on your mind‘ or the fantastic ‘The kids are on high street‘. Almost 20 years ago it has been when we saw them performing live and this is an massive experience too. An 2022 tour through Europe is also set up.

And guess what? – They sound like they have never been away! ‘Nobody Loves You Like I Do’ creates the same dark tone like the old songs and starts more quiet and focused on the melody. Throughout the song the guitars get more present and in combination with the unique voice of Sivert Høyem this is just… Madrugada :)

The live recording took place up in the north of Norway, in Vesterålen.

Madrugada - Nobody Loves You Like I Do (Official Music Video)

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Photo: website