Kensington – Time

We have to admit that Kensington is our favorite band coming from the Netherlands in the past years. Platinum-selling artists, a status as ‚Hollands best Rock-band‘ an filling up the biggest stadiums there, whereas outside still flying under the radar. We had the chance to catch up a gig in Germany with approx. 150 people only.

Sounding a little more pop-styled with the first album ‚Borders‘ in 2010, they constantly switched their sound to a heavier sound, bringing the guitars more in the foreground. And the success is on their side, with stadium-hits like ‚Streets‘ or ‚War‘.

‚Bats‘ was released as the first single of the album and irritates a little bit with its sound: Reduced and not the typical melodical type of song. But you get used to it after a couple of spins.

Kensington - Bats (Official Lyric Video)

From the first second of ‚What lies ahead‘ you know that Kensington at it‘s best is back: Smashing guitars, sound walls, catchy verses and chorus – oh YESS!

Kensington - What Lies Ahead (Official Video)

‚Uncharted‘ is another highlight, starting soft acoustic guitars and a verse that fits the voice of singer Eloi Youssef very well – this is a power-ballad at it‘s best.

Kensington - Uncharted (Official Video)

Does the stream of potential hit-singles stop here? No: ‚Part of me‘ is another instant classic with it‘s fantastic melodies. Something to shout in the middle of night when walking home.

The mid-tempo ‚Island‘ is our next fav on this album that goes from silent to loud in around 4 minutes – sing-a-long-parts inclusive.

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Kensington settle their status of Netherland‘s best rock band with this album. Let‘s hope that more people outside the country will hear from them, because this is universal music.