Jarle Skavhellen – Beech Street

Bergen’s upcoming folk-star Jarle Skavhellen returns with his second long-player after the 2018’s debut ‚Ghost in your smile‘. The musical style is described best with Jarle’s own words: ‚Music for vintage souls‘. As a fan of the sound of American producer Tucker Martine, he had the chance to records the album in Portland, U.S.A and they created a warm, analogue sounds that fits the retro aura of the songs very well. With a good amount of Americana-elements in it, it doesn’t sound like a usual album from the west coast of Norway.

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While some of the songs already have been released on EP’s or as singles, the album already feels like a ‚Best Of‘ with songs that fit well in these cold winter days:

Northern Lights

Paired with videos from the astonishing Icelandic surroundings this is a perfect homage to the northern lights.


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Crash & Burn

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Photo credit: Andris S. Visdal

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Jarle Skavhellen has a flow of improving even more from his fabulous debut album in 2018. ‚Beech Street‘ is a perfect retro-folk album that has a massive amount of wonderful tunes on it. ‚Lion‘, ‚Winnebago‘, Crash & Burn‘, ‚Northern Lights‘, … – all of them are perfect composed, arranged and played tunes that support his voice very well.