Feel Freeze – Give me your heart

Feel Freeze are a Danish duo consisting of Mathias Vinther Lilholt and Raymonde Gaunoux. They are producing music from a range of dreamy, melancholic electro-pop to dazzling, optimistic indie-pop.

As they say: “Feel Freeze combines the scandinavian melancholy sound as heard from Sigur Rós and Efterklang, with the dry electronic beats of The Xx, the dreaminess from Beach House and the quaint, melodious arrangements from Jens Lekman. ” That sounds interesting – and it is: “Give me your heart” could become a hit – it is so upflifting, with a perfect indie-styled soundworld, the positive vocals – and a flute.

We think this could be a perfect song for an telecommunication advertising firm that would give the right boost to it – like it did happen with “Safe and Sound” from “Capital Cities”. The references to Beach House and The XX do really fit well, “Give me your heart” is a indie-party smasher!

“Give me your heart” is out today and it is from the debut mini-album “Future Emotions in a Digital Heart” which will be released by ICEA on December, 2nd.

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