Exciting new music is coming out of Bergen these days. And when it comes to Hiphop and Rap it has to be outstanding and recognizeable for us to write about it.

Here comes in DERIN, the half-swedish musician from Bergen who has been around quite a time, building up a constantly growing fanbase with good live-shows. And there’s more: He made a massive impression on the music industry and fans with winning the Vill Vill Vest scholarship for most promising newcomer out of Scandinavia last year – and winning the Eggstock-festival.

“Chk” is a super-classy Hiphop-track that will blow up your subwoofers and with raw and honest lyrics – not that polished music that is floating around everywhere.

Or as DERIN describes it: ” ‘chkn’ is a set of boastful and braggadocious raps packed into 2 minutes. With a mind-numbing bassline, and wicked drum loop, the song can be described as short and sweet. One of the most thrilling things about the song is the constant flow of energy surging out of the speakers, especially throughout the outro.

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“Chkn” is out today via Baked Good Records.

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