dePresno – Places

Okay it is time lay everything beside and listen with patience and without distractions to the new album of Bergen-fellow dePresno. Places has arrived and it carries 12 songs, altough there are 2 shorter soundscapes.

The songs are written and produced by a team of real masters in their fields: Bjarte himself, Allround-producer Askjell (Sigid, SKAAR, dePresno, iris,..), Magnus (AURORA) and drummer Gudmund Guren.

‘With «Nordnes» dePresno takes us with him on a musical journey that includes both the innermost and personal, and the factual and actual travels.We’ve felt his bitterness and his hope, heard him admit to his sins and shortcomings and joined him in liberating confusion in Tokyo.’ as his management MADE writes.

And hell yeah, this is one of the best pieces of music we have heard in a long time, soulful and intense! And if you know Nordnes you can literally feel what he is telling here.

dePresno - Nordnes (Lyric Video)

Toyko has a special place in dePresno’s heart and here is the musical output of it:

dePresno - Tokyo (Lyric Video)

Church might come across as a little cocky, even if it is a song about feeling vulnerable and worrying that you don’t measure up’ he writes. ALthough it is one of the faster songs on the album with a massive chorus.

dePresno - Church (Lyric Video)

Bitter St. is a fictional place. But haven’t we all been there?’ – He is damn right with that. The song is definitely one of the most country-eque songs he has made and well, that suits his voice very well and we can see him doing a lot more stuff in that direction in the future as older as he gets. Crooner-stuff.

dePresno - Bitter St (Lyric Video)

When he was at Ocean Sound studios there has been filmed a little documentary about the recordings and the album:

dePresno «PLACES» documentary

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Well, what can you say about an album of dePresno? In on way you have an expectation of a sound and melodies. And luckily it is exactly in that way: Slow songs with strong melodies, intense text-lines. And a mixture of quirky synth-sounds and guitar-/piano-driven songs. He worked two years on this and indeed this sounds again like there is much love for the details in it. This is not 08/15-pop, this is album is here to stay.