Anneli Drecker – Raindrops

One of the best voices out of Norway is back with a new song/video – and a full album called “Revelation For Personal Use”.
Anneli describes the sound like “This record means so much to me and I am very happy to share these songs with you! For those of you that enjoyed Rocks & Straws this is a follow up to that album, inspired by the beautiful surroundings of my hometown Tromsø in the Arctic part of Norway, with lyrics by the wonderful poet Arvid Hanssen.”

But we think, the album is a little more lighter and pop-oriented than “Rocks & Straws”. Since the “Frolic” days we know that this flirring electronic and analogue sounds fit very well to her voice. This is one of the best album this year so far, and the song “Raindrops” shows all those little elements we describe above and how they fit so well together.

Anneli Drecker - Raindrops

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Foto: Stian Andersen

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